Maily Email Tracking and Analytics

Maily - Email Tracking and Analytics for Apple MacOS Mail

Utilised: Go Language • Go Gin Framework • Swift UI • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure • Terraform • MySQL • Apple Developer SDK

Engineered and crafted an email tracking and analytics software leveraging Swift and Swift UI, facilitating comprehensive email click monitoring and statistical analytics for MacOS Mail.

Architected a highly responsive and scalable backend system supporting RESTful API and WebSocket utilising Go's Gin Framework.

Implemented Infrastructure-as-Code by deploying to Oracle Cloud using Terraform for streamlining operational efficiencies.

Leetcode Algorithm Practice

Algome - Leetcode Algorithm Practice Web Application

Utilised: TypeScript • Vue 3 • Nuxt 3 • Tailwind CSS • IBM Carbon Design System • Caching • Persistent Data Storage

Conceptualised, designed and developed a modern coding practice web application leveraging the Vue Nuxt 3 framework.

Incorporated robust persistent data storage functionalities, facilitating seamless user comment storage and study progress tracking.

Adopted and implemented IBM's Carbon Design System, elevating the UI to deliver a polished and intuitive user experience.

YouComment - YouTube Comment Extension

YouComment - Chrome Extension to Enable YouTube Comment Section

Utilised: Node.js • AWS DynamoDB • AWS Lambda • Serverless Framework • OAuth • OpenCV • Chrome Extension SDK

Engineered a Google Chrome Browser Extension enabling users to post comments on "comment disabled" YouTube videos, expanding engagement opportunities.

Created an algorithm leveraging timestamp and likes attributes to proficiently sort comments, enhancing user experience through organised content presentation.

Hosted the backend on Amazon Web Services utilising AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda, ensuring scalable and efficient performance.

Integrated OAuth and OpenCV for streamlined one-click log-in functionality, optimising user accessibility and security measures.

Nasdaq ETF Autotrader

Autotrader - Nasdaq ETF Portfolio Copier and Autotrader

Utilised: TypeScript • Node.js • AJAX • Service Worker API • Moment.js • Nodemailer • Shell commands • Beautifulsoup • Selenium

Implemented an Automation Application to retrieve ETF portfolios via web APIs, enabling real-time calculation of alterations since the previous data fetch.

Integrated the functionality to send out automated daily reports, keeping users informed of portfolio modifications.

Incorporated features that make API calls within the software to execute orders when interfacing with trading brokers, ensuring seamless transaction execution.

Motorsport Club Application

Piston - University of Auckland Motorsport Club Mobile Application

Utilised: Node.js/JavaScript • React Native • Expo • React Router • AWS DynamoDB • AWS Lambda • Serverless Framework

Conducted the development of a Cross-Platform Mobile Application for my University Club, facilitating seamless dissemination of news and upcoming events, employing React Native and Expo.

Designed and developed a robust backend RESTful API for the Application, leveraging AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda within the Serverless Framework Architecture.

Oversaw comprehensive maintenance of the Application, encompassing article publication, bug resolution, and regular updates to ensure optimal functionality and user experience.

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