University of Sydney

The University of Sydney

Bachelor of Science (Honours) | Computer Science

• I conducted extensive research and authored an Honours Thesis at the University of Sydney titled "Performance Gap: Traditional VM Containers vs. Serverless WebAssembly Frameworks on the Edge". This comprehensive study delved into performance disparities while also exploring the utilisation of WebAssembly in web browsers, enabling functionalities previously deemed unattainable. The findings offered valuable insights into optimising software execution within edge computing, addressing pivotal benchmarks in modern Software Engineering paradigms.

• Research Interests: WebAssembly, Edge Computing, Serverless Computing, Virtual Machine Containerisation.

Academic Experience

- Employed as an Academic Teaching Assistant for SOFT2412 - Agile Software Development Practices (Java), demonstrating expertise in facilitating educational modules within an esteemed academic program.

- As an Academic Teaching Assistant, I guided students through Agile Software Development Practices in Java, facilitated workshops, graded assignments, and collaborated on curriculum development to align with industry standards.

University of Auckland

The University of Auckland

Bachelor of Science | Computer Science

• Attained exemplary academic performance in Computer Science and Mathematics disciplines, excelling in coursework encompassing Algorithms and Data Structures, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Database Management System (DBMS) Architecture, and Discrete Mathematics.

• I served as the appointed class representative for the Computer Science department, demonstrating leadership and effective communication skills.

Red Bull

President of the University of Auckland Motorsport Club

- Founded the University of Auckland Motorsport Club with around 800 Members.

- Led initiatives in partnership with Red Bull, promoting both entertainment options for the active University community and advocating for Safe Driving Practices.


University of Auckland Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

- Directed and Hosted fortnightly innovation seminars as the Master of Ceremonies, adeptly guiding discussions and encouraging active engagement among participants to drive collaborative ideation.

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